You’re in a Bad Way

GK 1 Flag of Yugoslavia Ivan Ćurković
DF 2 Flag of France Pierre Repellini
DF 3 Flag of Argentina Oswaldo Piazza
DF 4 Flag of France Christian Lopez
DF 5 Flag of France Gérard Janvion
MF 6 Flag of France Dominique Bathenay
MF 7 Flag of France Jacques Santini
MF 8 Flag of France Jean-Michel Larqué (c)
MF 9 Flag of France Patrick Revelli
FW 10 Flag of France Hervé Revelli
FW 11 Flag of France Christian Sarramagna   Substituted off in the 63rd minute 63′
GK 13 Flag of France Jean Castaneda
FW 12 Flag of France Dominique Rocheteau   Substituted on in the 63rd minute 63′
Flag of France Robert Herbin


Saint Etienne You’re in a Bad Way

the English  indie dance ,band  fronted by Sarah Cranklell

..  took their name  after the famous French footballteam, AS Saint-Étienne  European Cup runners-up in the 1970s.

~ από kapetank στο 16/09/2008.


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