computer club


Computer Club are a 4 piece Indie band aiming to make a difference.

Computer Club formed in 2004 to create music to dance to, songs to sing to and a Club for everyone to feel a part of. Having already played alongside the likes of Editors, Battle, The Kooks, The Automatic amongst others, Computer Club are already creating music which is acclaimed wherever they visit.

bands new album Before The Walls Came Down’

was written recorded in an intense nine-day burst in Moles studio in Bath with acclaimed producer Paul Corkett (Radiohead, the Cure, Placebo).

πρωτο single απο τον δισκο ενα κρυμμενο τραγουδι

COMPUTER CLUB – ‘Electrons and Particles’


~ από kapetank στο 01/01/2009.

2 Σχόλια to “computer club”

  1. Όποτε τους ακούω, μου έρχεται kapetank στο μυαλό!! !)

    Καλή χρονιά αγαπητέ!!

  2. χρονια πολλα μαν
    καλα πιωματα και ακουσματα


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