Longwave /Secrets Are Sinister


The longwave radio band is a range of frequencies used for AM broadcasting, which extends from 148.5 to 283.5 kHz. It falls within the low-frequency (LF) part of the radio spectrum (30–300 kHz).[1]

Unlike the medium wave band, which is widely used throughout the world, the longwave band is only used for broadcasting within ITU region 1, i.e. Europe, Africa, the Middle East west of the Persian Gulf including Iraq, the former Soviet Union and Mongolia.

Longwave also  is an awesome band from NYC.


Post-punk popsters Longwave got their start in 1999 when Steve Schlitz (vocals/guitar), Shannon Ferguson (guitar), Dave Marchese (bass), and Mike James (drums) congregated in a small New York studio to record some demos. The lineup had been fledgling for a number of years and Schlitz had been sitting on a stack of sweeping melodies, but once Ferguson left the sunny skie…

Longwave’s fourth album Secrets Are Sinister reallized last  november

The band’s  sound is all still there – atmospheric guitars wisting pop lyrics, post-punk influences,

its all there enjoy

Longwave – «Shining Hours»


~ από kapetank στο 07/01/2009.


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