The Boxer Rebellion


The Boxer Rebellion, or more properly Boxer Uprising, was a violent anti-foreign, anti-Christian movement by the «Righteousness and Harmonious Fists,” Yihe tuan [1] or Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists in China.


The Boxer Rebellion

Unsigned London indie group

London based alternative rock group. Once signed to Poptones, the band are now unsigned but have enjoyed significant success on the iTunes chart working on a DIY basis.

with its parent album going into the charts at number four. With little press of media coverage this is a staggering achievement. In fact, the band sold so many copies of their album ‘Union’ that it at one point sat just behind Kings Of Leon at number two on the alternative chart  since there are no physical copies available the album is not legitimate for the full British chart.

Broken Glass


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