Giorgos «Cayetano» Bratanis
Dub / Funk / Downtempo
Thessaloniki / Athens
Record Label:
Etage Noir Recordings / Sala Sonora Records


Founder and member until 1999 of “Stroggilo Kitrino”, having played with them all around Greece and in Italy and with 2 releases from one of the greatest indie labels of 90’s “Lazy Dog Records” from Thessaloniki, Giorgos Bratanis decided to move away from Greece for a while in 2000.

He lived and played music in many European countries, until he “discovered” Spain. He’d made the “Cayetano” project, he wrote music for films and theatrical plays, he toured around the Spanish territory, he released two albums as Cayetano under the Kinky Lounge label and on 2003, he came back in Greece.

He started his own label “Sala Sonora Records” owning one of the best digital recording and post-production studios in North Greece.

Cayetano – After All


~ από kapetank στο 18/02/2009.


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