A destined encounter between singer/songwriter Elsieanne Caplette and drummer Stephane Sotto led to the creation of elsiane, a duo that combines much more than its creators’ given names. Elsiane perfectly reflects this creative duo’s symbiotic relationship and creative approach. Musically, elsiane is a hybrid of styles and influences. Their evocative compositions organically blend a pop sensibility with influences that range from classical music through jazz, rock and electronic. At once universally appealing and surprisingly intimate, their songs combine a polished surface and musical virtuosity with emotional depth and a highly personal vision. Creatively, elsiane is a perfect fusion of these two musicians’ talents; drummer Stephane Sotto creates the rhythmic foundation that gently supports Elsieanne’s idiosyncratic and hauntingly expressive voice. The result is a lush musicality that intrinsically intertwines rhythm and melody – elsiane is the sound of two hearts beating as one.

Elsiane/Across the Stream

τραγουδι για διαφημιση…θα προτεινα το παγωτο nirvana

η μηπως σε κανενα γιαουρτι?


~ από kapetank στο 24/02/2009.

Ένα Σχόλιο to “Elsiane”

  1. Love her, and for this autumn, I suggest a few other bands : http://rodeoevents.wordpress.com/


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