mango- Handelskai


Alexey Golovanov also known as ‘mango’ Was involved in electronic music from early years. His first acquaintance with house music was the ‘dreamland’ album by robert miles in 1996

At the age of 17 he discovered ‘fruity loops’ and musicmaking has absolutely captured his mind! He spent many hours practicing and experimenting with sound and gradually developed his own unique style – a fantastic mixture of progressive and minimal sounds. Today mango has a support from such artists and djs as Retroid, Snake Sedrick, Stefan Anion, Peter Mccowan, Perry o’Neil, Arthur Deep, Lokitas, Kintar, James Warren, DJ Mewel, D-phrag and many others. Alex has a lot of plans for the future: he is working hard, making new tunes for world to discover a new name on progressive scene – mango.

Mango – Handelskai (Original Mix) [HQ]



~ από kapetank στο 24/03/2009.


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