An April March


An April March

Formed in ’89 in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. First band name: The Whittingtons. Band name changed to An April March some time in ’91. Commericial success as CFNY New Music Search winners in ’92 (Scarlett Bliss) and ’94 (Lava). Albums: Impatiens lp – ’92 – Cartwheel Records, Toronto / Instrumens of Lust and Fury ep – ’95 – Bedazzled Records, Washington DC / Lessons in Vengeance lp – ’95 – Bedazzled Records, Washington DC / Adagio ep – ’96 – Bedazzled Records, Washington DC / It Goes Without Saying lp – ’97 – Bedazzled Records, Washington DC / something once true is always true ep (limited edition)- – Bedazzled Records, Washington DC / Numerous compilations, including Pixies Tribute (Alec Eiffel) and Cocteau Twins tribute (Pink Orange Red). Disbanded in 2001. Members Danella Hocevar and Chris Perry recorded and played a couple shows as redhotred but the project never released tracks.

An April March – Scarlett Bliss


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