sennen/Bizarre Love Triangle


Sennen are a shoegazing band from Norwich, UK. They currently release records on the Hungry Audio label in the UK

Sennen recorded their 2nd album, Where The Light gets In (released in May 2008), with Primal Scream/House of Love producer Pat Collier.A new single, Just Wanted To Know, is due for release in September 2008 featuring remixes by iLiKETRAiNSSennen have been announced as support on the European leg of the dEUS tour.

Sennen cover New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle. Taken from forthcoming single ‘Destroy Us’ out May 2009

Sennen Bizarre Love Triangle


~ από kapetank στο 06/04/2009.

3 Σχόλια to “sennen/Bizarre Love Triangle”

  1. αμα το μαθει ο κραπ θα σου κοψει την καλημερα!

  2. ox ton krap ton eixa ksexasei
    k eixame pei na min anevazoume diaskeves joy division k new order
    tha to katevaso to post
    oraia drums pantos

  3. an kai to prwtotupo den pianetai… toulaxiston auth h diaskeuh einai safws kaluterh apo ekeinh twn Stabbing Westward!!


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