The Antlers


The Antlers

When he moved to Manhattan in the winter of 2006, Peter Silberman disappeared for a year and a half. He stayed cocooned in his apartment, hiding away from friends, family, and most of the city. When Silberman emerged in the spring of 2007, he was twenty-one, liberated, and broken. He set out to explain his absence through a record that would take another year and a half to complete. Silberman moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, where he spent most of his waking hours working on what was to become Hospice, an elegy for his disappearance. Hospice began as Silberman’s solo bedroom arrangements and recordings. As the album became more fully realized, he began to assemble friends to contribute

This record, in addition to its two free follow-up EPs (2007’s swirling Cold War and 2008’s druggier New York Hospitals), chronicle The Antlers’ evolution from detailed dream pop to densely layered narrative shoegaze, from solo effort to band. Hospice is a heartbreaking concept album that plays as a novel or film. It fuses the literacy of Neutral Milk Hotel or Okkervil River with the grandiosity of Sigur Ros, Cursive, or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, finished by the shimmery haze of My Bloody Valentine and heightened by Silberman’s Jeff-Buckley-like vocals. The album began as an explanation of Silberman’s disappearance, but ultimately, it transcended that goal: it is an affecting memoir of dysfunction and isolation, and a reminder never to lose oneself again.

r e s p e c t

The Antlers/kettering

download HERE Hospice (March 3, 2009) Bear, Two mp3



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