Doves – Kingdom of Rust +offradio night


Doves are an English indie rock band, originating from Wilmslow.The members started working seriously together after meeting at The Haçienda in Manchestertheir debut album Lost Souls in April 2000 was nominated for the Mercury Music PrizeThe band’s fourth album, Kingdom of Rust, was released on April 6, 2009. The title track «Kingdom of Rust» was the album’s first single, released on March 30.

Doves – Kingdom of Rust


μολις  εφθασαν στα χερια μου τα links απο την  εκπομπη του Αποστολου Βαρνα,  που συμμετειχε το blog, στον  στις 31/03/09

εδω το  playlist

..1. The Big Pink – “Velvet” …...

2. Phoenix…. – “1901 (What kind of breeze do you
blow Remix)” ….

..3. Editors – “French Disco”….

..4. The Statler Project – “Plenty” ….

..5. Sonic Youth – “Tunic”….

..6. Yo La Tengo – “Deeper into movies” ….

..7. Bokomolech – “crazy water”….

..8. 2L8 – “You Walk On Empty Streets Now, Holding Your Heart In Your Hands”….

..9. The XX – “Teardrops”….

..10. Jose Gonzalez – “Teardrop” ….

..11. The Album Leaf – “Shine” ….

..12. Fonoda – “Silence means Disease”….

..13. Sigur Rós – “Gong”….

That was the regular’s show tracklist. After that we continued the party with another 2 hours where following artists were played in an order I cant remember anymore apart from the fact that Devil’s Armada from WillowFair was the last song of this fabulous radio night ….

Notwist, Temper Trap, Uzi & Ari, Sin Fang Bous, Washington, Get Well Soon, Sebastien Schuller, Mary & The Boy(you you you), My Wet Calvin(lay a whishper /roxette cover), Mercury Rev(vermilion), Lali Puna(micronomic),
Konstantinos B(miranda), Elizabeth Harley(pictures of you/the cure cover), Mogwai(i choose horses), PavementHere/john Peel sesion), Rainer Maria(catastrophy keeps us together), Ride(Vapour Trail), Andre Ethier

εδω τα link για download

thanxs στον φιλο Σακη που ανεβασε και μου εστειλε τα link

και φυσικα στον Αποστολο for this fabulous radio night ….


~ από kapetank στο 13/04/2009.


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