Peter Matthew Kasen


Originally from Miami, dreams of becoming a popular singer-songwriter have spurred Peter Matthew Kasen onward since age fifteen. Studying guitar, composition and arranging in college, his dreams began to progress into actuality within the Boston district, where he joined several bands. Peter started his solo music career under the name of Propel. He was the lyricist, singer, music writer and guitarist – a one man band.

After two and a half years of Propel, Peter reverted to his birth name to continue his music career. He took some time out from America, in order to create a new record and to tour Europe, where his fans have
been both enthusiastic and supportive.

«VEER» 4 track EP was released in Jan 2009. Touring in the U.K. will be from April – June. Touring in Europe will be from July – September. At the end of October, A 10 City Tour of the East Coast in the United States will begin.

απο video δεν βρηκα τιποτα μονο myspace…. μου αρεσε ιδιαιτερα το pennies in the pocket

peter matthew kasen myspace



~ από kapetank στο 29/04/2009.


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