The Joy Formidable


The Joy Formidable are a three-piece band from North Wales, now living in London. The band were originally a four-piece known as Sidecar Kisses[1], and played In The City in 2006 under that name.[2] In 2007, they dropped their bassist, and changed their drummer and their name.[3] The Guardian cited them as «one to watch» in 2008,[4] and the NME described their music as «Epic, melodic, hand-shandy pop from a band who understand the true joys of life».[5]

The Joy Formidable toured in 2008 supporting modern new wave band. White Lies.[12] The bands album is due to release in the UK on February 16th 2009, «A Balloon Called Moaning

The Joy Formidable – The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade

o Αποστολος Βαρνας απο τον off radio που εχει καποια επικοινωνια με την μπαντα , μου εστειλε καποια link για download

check this

….By the way… Our album A Balloon called Moaning can be download for free from

……There’s also a CD available to buy from


για σημερα στις 11 το βραδυ το blog  εχει προγραμματιστει  APO + KAP volume 2 στον στην εκπομπη του Αποστολου Βαρνα..apo63

μα αρεσε πολυ η προηγουμενη εμπειρια στις 31/3 και ο Αποστολος με ξαναφωναξε για part2

…τυχεροςκαι  ο εισαγωγεας του Bombay jin….


~ από kapetank στο 05/05/2009.


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