fanfarlo +offradio night vol2


Fanfarlo is a London based band formed by the Swedish musician Simon Balthazar (vocals, guitar, clarinet). Their name refers to Charles Baudelaire’s novella, “La Fanfarlo.”

Fanfarlo travelled to Peter Katis’s studio in Connecticut, USA to record their debut album, Reservoir. The album was self-released in February 2009 to coincide with a tour of England and Scotland, including dates supporting Snow Patrol. They also performed five shows at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas in March.

great band/great album

Fanfarlo – Fire Escape


μολις  εφθασαν στα χερια μου τα links απο την  εκπομπη του Αποστολου Βαρνα,  που συμμετειχε το blog, στον  στις 5/5/2009…aka.. Apo+Kap vol2

εδω το  playlist της εκπομπης


Stars – “a thread cut with a curving knife”

Sleeper – “9th Grade”

Deus – “ideal crash”

Super Furry Animals – “Pric”

Longcut – “Holy Funk (maps remix)”

The BJM – “Super Fucked”

Pixies – “The Happening”

Gossip – “Heavy Cross”

Pulp – “Babies”

New Order – “Dream Attack”

White Rabbits – “The lady vanishes”

Nick Cave – “Nobody’s baby now”

The Horrors – “sea withinh a sea”

The Slits – “I heard it through the grapewine”

Crocodiles – “I wanna kill”

The Joy Formidable – “The greatest light is the greatest shade”

Murder by Death – “Fuego”

Primal Scream – “rocks”

Computerclub – “electron & particles””

Amoseurs – “Amoseurs”

Liz Frazer & Jeff Buckley –“all flowers in time”

Felt – “Primitive Painters”

Toma – “Fallback lighthorsemen”

Washington – “Black Wine”

Jakob – “Oran Mor”

Joy Division – “Atmosphere”

Comsat Angels – “Dark Parade”

Echo & The Bunnymen – “All my colours (live)”

Nick Cave – “Red right hand”

Talkings Heads – “Heaven (live)”

That was not an easy task for a 3 hour show with lots of bombay flowing down….

εδω τα link για download


1οοο thanxs στον φιλο Σακη που ανεβασε και μου εστειλε τα link

και 1οοο thanxs στον Αποστολο for this fabulous radio night ….part2


~ από kapetank στο 11/05/2009.


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