The sound of Lucrecia – Answering Machine


The sound of Lucrecia is the musical project of Lucrecia Pérez. A girl who was born in Pereira, Colombia in 1980.

With a guitar, electronic loops and her voice she weaves straightforward, emotional and catchy songs. She writes her songs, plays the guitar, produces her music and while doing it she fills her project with her enveloping and sweet voice, covering all her music with quiet and pleasant emotions.

The subtle presence of Lucrecia on stage is filled with femininity and versatility. She appears alone with her guitar, electronic devices, her computer and some other instruments. Her songs are progressively constructed on the set, recording live samples and structuring the melodies and rhythms, accompanied by subtle projections modified in real time. In a way a live performance by Lucrecia is like to watch a music lab where her strength, her voice, and her guitar make the audience feel as if the music came from some place in their memories.

She currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain

The sound of Lucrecia – Answering Machine

Lucrecia – Like being home EP, 2007…sern20_big




~ από kapetank στο 03/06/2009.

2 Σχόλια to “The sound of Lucrecia – Answering Machine”

  1. θα ανεβουμε πανω για το τριημερο..πως θα γινει να πιουμε κανα καφε?

  2. dose mail na ta poume


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