I GOT YOU ON TAPE/Somersault



formed in 2004, is a copenhagen based band whose first demos quickly spread throughout the underground scene in denmark. The crowd for their shows were growing rapidly, especially around Copenhagen, and one night in 2005, Nikolaj Nørlund, owner of the record label Auditorium, is among the audience. He falls in love with their hypnotic, dark yet poppy sound and signs them to his label at the SPOT festival later that year.

During the summer of 2007, the band hits the studio again to record a new album, this time determined to produce it themselves together with Rune Borup, their studio and live sound engineer since the beginning in 2004. After working on it in four different studios all through the summer, it’s finally released on october 22nd 2007 and is simply entitled «2». Again the critics praise their cool reserved sound and dreamy poetry. The song «Prophet Rock» immediately hits the radio as does the haunting epic «Somersault»

I got you on tape – Somersault



~ από kapetank στο 04/06/2009.


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