Morton Valence formed in 2005 and is centred around the vocal pairing of Robert ‘Hacker’ Jessett and Anne Gilpin.
At the heart of the band is the intention to deliver classic, yet distinctly contemporary original and exciting pop music.
Morton Valence is named after the sleepy English village where Hacker and Anne’s previous band Florida (who were signed to Berlin based uber-cool Monika Enterprise) used to record and where the seeds of today’s band were sown, it was a relocation of sorts, from the Elmore Leonard-esque dark glitz of Florida to the sleepy arcadian dreamy pastures of Morton Valence.

Morton Valence – Chandelier


Bob and Veronica Ride Again their debut album is essentially ant rock-pop album interspersed with short sound samples taken at points in the journey, such as rail station announcements

….charming and wonderful……


~ από kapetank στο 09/06/2009.


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