Bjork/Voltaic box set



is releasing a massive box set on June 23rd.

Voltaic contains a reissue of 2007’s Volta, but that’s just a fraction of the included goodies. The 2 CD/2DVD package contains a bevy live footage, demos, outtakes, and remixes. In addition to the release date, we now receive word that there will be five different styled reissues available separately depending on what your interests and budget dictate:

01 One CD recorded at London’s Olympic Studios with the Volta tour live band back in 2007.

02 The Olympic Studios CD and a live DVD of Volta tour highlights from shows in Paris and Reykjavik.

03 The Olympic Studios CD and the live DVD and another CD featuring Volta remixes from the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Matthew Herbert, Spank Rock, and Ratatat, AND a second DVD featuring all of Volta’s music videos.

04 Both CDs, both DVDs, and three vinyl records containing the same tracks found on the two CDs.

05 Just the Olympic Studios record on vinyl.

Björk – Triumph of a Heart (Cut from Voltaic)



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