sebastien schuller-Evenfall


Sébastien Schuller is incontestably an artist who takes you by surprise.

Sébastien Schuller is a classically trained percussionist who became an accomplished and eclectic multi-instrumentalist over the years, composing and interpreting his own work, backed by a few hand picked friends, including Paul Hanford (Brothers in Sound, Sancho).

A thirtysomething from Les Yvelines in the Parisian suburbs, Sébastien Schuller thrives on enhancing sounds of acoustic and natural resonance with touches of electronica. Throughout the album, which balances tantric instrumentals with tinges of pop you can almost dance to, a thread of tortuous and contrasting emotions is unravelled.

The mood is predominantly melancholic, but, as in life, there is a constant undercurrent of hope.
Dreams can sometimes become reality, even though ghosts of the past inevitably haunt the present.

the amazing new record Evenfall is  one of my  subtly favorite records of 2009

Sebastien Schuller – Open Organ


sebastien schuller – the border



~ από kapetank στο 08/07/2009.

3 Σχόλια to “sebastien schuller-Evenfall”

  1. Πολύ ενδιαφέρον δίσκος! Καλά κάνεις και το αναφέρεις kapetank.
    Την καλημέρα μου!

  2. hey sid καλημερα φιλε
    σας αρεσε και σας?
    πραγματι πολυ ωραιος δισκος

  3. Έμένα σίγουρα και νομίζω και από φθινόπωρο θα βρεί μια θέση στο mp4 μου. Ο thom νομίζω τόν έχει στα υπόψη για ακρόαση..


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