The 2009 Modern Rock 500/

woxy_logo1_small is an alternative, independent, and freeform rock and roll radio station based in Cincinnati, Ohio. relies mainly on its own website to reach its listeners.

Setting up shop at an Oxford, Ohio radio station broadcasting at 97.7 FM, this newly formed «Modern Rock» station (quickly dubbed «The Future of Rock & Roll») immediately benefited from a large youthful audience at adjacent Miami University as well as listeners in urban and suburban areas of Cincinnati and Dayton, but a majority of its broadcast area was rural. The first song played when WOXY-FM made their transition to a modern rock format in September 1983 was «Sunday Bloody Sunday» by U2. This was also the very last song played by the station to close their terrestrial transmission.

THERE’S A NEW CHAMPION on the Modern Rock 500, our annual countdown of the greatest modern rock, alternative and indie music ever recorded. Here’s the Top 10 on this year’s list:


για να μην κατηγορηθω για κολλημενος με τους pixies βαζω το νο2

The Smiths «How Soon Is Now?»

listen to the archive

Missed this year’s Modern Rock 500 countdown?

we’ve archived the live broadcasts right here for your listening pleasure.

Just use the player above to play the whole thing or select any 20 lap segment you like.

woxy /The 2009 Modern Rock 500

1 Pixies Where Is My Mind?

2 The Smiths How Soon Is Now?

3 The Clash London Calling

4 Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart

5 Depeche Mode Personal Jesus

6 Radiohead Paranoid Android

7 Violent Femmes Blister In The Sun

8 U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday

9 R.E.M. Radio Free Europe

10 Elvis Costello Radio, Radio

11 David Bowie Space Oddity

12 Radiohead Creep

13 Talking Heads Burning Down The House

14 Fugazi Waiting Room

15 Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit

16 Television Marquee Moon

17 The Replacements Alex Chilton

18 Sex Pistols God Save The Queen

19 The Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated

20 The Cure Just Like Heaven


~ από kapetank στο 19/08/2009.


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