Bad Lieutenant-Sink or Swim


Bad Lieutenant formed in 2007 with New Order’s Bernard Sumner (guitar and vocals) alongside Phil Cunningham (guitar) and Jake Evans (guitar and vocals). We can now confirm that they have completed their long awaited debut album “Never Cry Another Tear” which is set for worldwide release on 12th October 2009 on Triple Echo Records. The album features sounds that have helped make New Order such a treasured, innovative force over the past three decades, but also featured is a brand new voice from exotic Macclesfield, Jake Evans.

The new album centre’s around crisp, streamlined, 21st century guitar music – underscored by keyboards and occasional melodica. The record includes Sumner’s seemingly effortless melodic invention, but now these familiar joys blend with vocals and the talented guitar work of Jake Evans.

A debut single, “Sink or Swim” is expected to be released prior to the album, on Monday 28th September 2009.

Bad Lieutenant-Sink or Swim


~ από kapetank στο 02/09/2009.

2 Σχόλια to “Bad Lieutenant-Sink or Swim”

  1. Τι ωραίο! Αφ’ ότου είχα πατήσει play πρόσεξα συντελεστές και λέω «Έτσι εξηγείται ο ωραίος ήχος!»:)

  2. χαρακτηριστικος ο ηχος τους μοιαζει με τους electronic φυσικα,και μου θυμιζει ωραιες μερες..για να δουμε και το αλμπουμ τι θα λεει


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