Yo La tengo – A Take Away Show


Yo La tengo – A Take Away Show

by La Blogotheque

We dreamed about it, but never imagined that we’d be able to film Yo La Tengo. But it happened. It was a beautiful and sweet end to the afternoon in Montmartre. They didn’t talk much, but we didn’t care. The music was just great…

They are one of those groups that we never imagined we would have the chance to film. First, because, as they explained in New York magazine, they feel “very comfortable with each other, and much less so with other people;” in the past they have politely refused to do a Take Away show. Also, Yo la Tengo fly above the rest; they are the best of the best, they possess an almost fleeting mystery we’re not really sure we want to display.

Then the date arrived. For their last disc, it seemed that the Hoboken trio had decided to make an effort to communicate with the media after years of no interviews, sessions, barely any public presence at all. And to our great surprise, they decided to take part in a Take Away show. Perhaps some would not have dared to attempt to document such an epic band, but we could not refuse Yo la Tengo. I would not have slept for eighteen days…

Songs : ‘With a girl like you’ (Troggs cover) / ‘Our way to fall’

Images by Vincent Moon
Produced by Chryde / Blogotheque



Songs : ‘Sugarcube’ / ‘Periodically double or triple’



~ από kapetank στο 23/09/2009.


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