pan pan


Pan Pan (full name: Panayiotis Pandazis) was born in 1982, in Athens, Greece. He has studied architecture and he is currently on his post graduate studies on theory of architecture.

He is a comic artist, illustrator and the only member of his namesake one-man band.

His most recent work is “Tora pia ksypnao me ton ilio (Now, I wake up with the sun)”, a 32-page mini album, published by Giganto Books.

His personal comic book series “Common Comics” , also published by Giganto Books, has reached its fourth issue. He is also the co-creator of the one-shots “Tora! (Now!)” and “Lynch”. He has been making comics and illustrations for the greek weekly comics anthology “9” since January of 2006.

He makes music, which somehow appears to be the soundtrack to his comics.

Pan Pan really enjoys the fact that his first name and surname share three identical initials.

pan pan/sex in a post noise era

concrete pillow/pan pan by kap

This is a bunch of old songs i ‘ve have made during the last five years and will never get to be part of some “official” LP of mine, since they are not the music i feel like playing right now. I still love them, though, and I wanted to share them with other people. So there it is, a 6-track EP, called “Koon”.

You can download it for free here.


~ από kapetank στο 29/09/2009.

4 Σχόλια to “pan pan”

  1. Είναι απίθανος ο Παναγιώτης και χαίρομαι που έχω την τιμή να τον αποκαλώ φίλο!

  2. συμφωνω στρατο
    μ αρεσε παρα πολυ και οι εικονες και η μουσικη του pan pan …
    ξεχωριζω σαν κομματι το
    sex in a post noise era
    το οποιο εχω στο repeat εδω και καμποσες μερες

  3. Kapetank καλημέρα και ευχαριστώ για το link.
    To album το κατέβασα και μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ και έστω και ετεροχρονισμένα καταθέτω τη γνώμη μου. Μελλοντικά θα αναφερθώ και εκτενέστερα στο blog, αλλά θα παίξουμε σίγουρα και στην ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή.
    Πάντα τέτοια link…

  4. καλημερα sid
    πολυ καλος ο pan pan
    τσεκαρε κι αυτο δεν νομιζω να περιλαμβανεται στο αλμπουμ αλλα ειναι
    το αγαπημενο μου αυτο τον καιρο


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