Port O’Brien «Treebones» in a basement

Port O’Brien are an American musical group combining elements of acoustic, folk and indie rock.


They are named after a bay featuring a now-abandoned cannery on Kodiak Island where founder member Van Pierszalowski’s parents met

Port O’Brien is pleased to announce the release of their third album, threadbare, this October 6th on TBD Records (Radiohead, White Rabbits)

Port O’Brien performing «Treebones» in a basement on My Old Kentucky Blog.com

Port O’Brien /Treebones

MP3 : Port O’Brien – Halo (Beyonce cover)

live at Radio Radio in Indianapolis from my old kentucky

Port O’Brien’s introspective foot-stomper “My Will is Good” from their forthcoming album threadbare (out October 6th on tbd records) just got the remix treatment by Boston’s heathens of sweaty dance the BodegaGirls.
Download it here!

Port O’Brien, My Will is Good (Bodega Girls Remix)

MP3 Download


~ από kapetank στο 01/10/2009.


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