Four Tet – Love Cry


Super-limited new release from Kieran Hebden.
Releasedate: 2 November 2009

…another mysteriously undorned and brilliant 12″ for his own Text imprint. On ‘Love Cry’ b/w ‘Our Bells’, he succinctly shows both sides of his oeuvre; the lush love of the dancefloor, and a chance to exercise his more esoteric inclinations. The live-sounding drums, gorgeously nuanced textures and blissful samples of ‘Love Cry’ couldn’t really come from anyone else, especially when enveloped well into the track and the vocal loops begin to peel off into a deep house-meets-krautrock coda executed with that signature sleight of hand.

τι να κλασει και ο μομπυ,


Four Tet – Love Cry


~ από kapetank στο 06/11/2009.


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