Pixies/Doolittle/20 years celebration/download ep


τον απριλιο του 89 ημουν 16 χρονων

καπου κοντα στο καλοκαιρι ενας φιλος ο Θωμας μου εγραψε  σε κασσετα ενεννηνταρα το αλμπουμ αυτο το οποιο εξακολουθει να ειναι απο τα αγαπημενα μου χρονια τωρα

η κασετα με ακολουθησε αργοτερα  στις διακοπες μας στην ιο,στα γουοκμαν  στις 12 ωρες ταξιδιου,  και καποια στιγμη αργοτερα πηρα και το cd to οποιο δεν ελλειπε ποτε απο τις συλλογες μου οταν επαιζα μοσικη

η ιστορια ολοκληρωνεται φετος οταν συναντηθηκαμε με Θωμα και Σπυρο και ειδαμε τους pixies στο eject

…το μονο που με χαλαει ειναι οτι σημερα συνηδητοπιησα οτι περασε μια  εικοσαετια…


Doolittle is the second studio album from the American alternative rock band Pixies, released in April 1989 on 4AD. The album’s offbeat and dark subject material, featuring references to surrealism, Biblical violence, torture and death, contrasts with the clean production sound achieved by the then-newly-hired producer Gil Norton
Pixies released two singles from Doolittle, «Here Comes Your Man» and «Monkey Gone to Heaven,


Following their highly regarded but commercially unsuccessful 1988 album Surfer Rosa,[7] the band embarked on a European tour with fellow Bostonians Throwing Muses, before beginning a tour of North American states. During this time Black Francis, the group’s frontman and principal songwriter, began to write new material for a future album, with songs such as «Dead,» «Hey,» «Tame,» and «There Goes My Gun» emerging through the course of the year.[8] Versions of the newly composed songs were recorded during several sessions for John Peel‘s radio show in 1988, while a live recording of «Hey» appeared on a free EP circulated with a 1988 edition of Sounds.

Recording sessions for the album began on October 31, 1988 at Downtown Recorders in Boston, Massachusetts, at the time a professional 24-track studio. 4AD allowed the Pixies a budget of $40,000, excluding producer’s fees

Two songs on Doolittle are fashioned after Biblical stories: the story of David and Bathsheba in «Dead», and Samson and Delilah in «Gouge Away».[29] Francis’ fascination with Biblical themes can be traced back to his teenage years; when he was twelve, he and his parents joined an evangelical church linked to the Assemblies of God. This background was to be an influence in Doolittle, where he referred to the Devil being «six» and God being «seven» in «Monkey Gone to Heaven».

Other songs explored eccentric subjects, such as in «Wave of Mutilation», which Francis described as being about «Japanese businessmen doing murder-suicides with their families because they’d failed in business, and they’re driving off a pier into the ocean.»[30] The song’s opening phrase, «Cease to resist,» is a reference to The Beach Boys‘ 1968 song «Never Learn Not to Love«, their rewritten version of Charles Manson‘s composition «Cease to Exist.»

«Wave of Mutilation»‘s sea and underwater themes, which also feature in «Mr. Grieves» and «Monkey Gone to Heaven», are explorations of one arena for man’s death and destruction.[31] Ben Sisario points out that the album begins («Debaser») and ends («Gouge Away») with songs about violence being done to eyes.[32] «Crackity Jones» covers another offbeat subject; Francis’ roommate in his student exchange trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, who he described as a «weird psycho gay roommate.»

At the end of 2005, best estimates put total sales in America at between 800,000 and one million copies

A 2003 poll of NME writers ranked Doolittle as the second greatest album of all time.

Track listing

1. «Debaser« 2:52
2. «Tame« 1:55
3. «Wave of Mutilation» 2:04
4. «I Bleed» 2:34
5. «Here Comes Your Man« 3:21
6. «Dead» 2:21
7. «Monkey Gone to Heaven« 2:56
8. «Mr. Grieves» 2:05
9. «Crackity Jones« 1:24
10. «La La Love You» 2:43
11. «No. 13 Baby» 3:51
12. «There Goes My Gun» 1:49
13. «Hey» 3:31
14. «Silver» Francis, Kim Deal 2:25
15. «Gouge Away»

Download the new Doolittle Live Tour EP for free!

Head on over to www.pixiesmusic.com to sign up for your FREE Doolittle Live EP, four tracks recorded on October 16 at the Zenith in Paris, on the last night of the European leg of the tour!


The Pixies – Wave of Mutilation


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