the knife/Silent Shout

ο συγκεκριμενος δισκος ηταν αυτο ακριβως που ηθελα απο το 2006..

,μια χρονια γλυκοπικρη…

φωτεινος και σκοτεινος ταυτοχρονα…

να εισαι το καλοκαιρι στα κουφονησια και να ζητας την μουχλα της ανω πολης…

τετοια θελω…

Silent Shout is the third full length album (not including the Hannah med H Soundtrack) by Swedish electropop duo The Knife, released initially in Sweden on February 15, 2006, then for the rest of Europe the following month on Rabid Records. The album was released in the U.S. on July 25 via Mute Records. Silent Shout is a darker album than its predecessor Deep Cuts[1]. The album has produced five singles: «Silent Shout», «Marble House», «We Share Our Mothers’ Health», «Like a Pen» and «Na Na Na».

Track listing

  1. «Silent Shout» – 4:53
  2. «Neverland» – 3:37
  3. «The Captain» – 6:08
  4. «We Share Our Mothers’ Health» – 4:11
  5. «Na Na Na» – 2:27
  6. «Marble House» – 5:18
  7. «Like a Pen» – 6:12
  8. «From Off to On» – 3:57
  9. «Forest Families» – 4:08
  10. «One Hit» – 4:27
  11. «Still Light» – 3:15

The Knife – Silent Shout


~ από kapetank στο 02/12/2009.


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