Alcoholic Faith Mission/421 Wythe Avenue

Crackling Danish melancholy.
Made in Brooklyn, New York.

The unpredictable duo, Alcoholic Faith Mission, apprentices of dejection, try on a selection of straightjackets for the inspiration that bounces around orthodox Brooklyn to become their second album. Everything used to make the music, must be found within the room. The room and the mission. The critics said sweet things about their debut album (‘Misery loves company’, 2006), recorded in a bedroom in Copenhagen and fueled by its own sense of desperation, lovingly nurtured by three important dogmas: alcohol, darkness and candlelight.

Now, three years later, the duo went into seclusion in a converted factory loft, they return to manifest a re-organization of the dogma inspired by a neon sign screaming Apostolic Faith Mission two years earlier.

The raw, winter-y Brooklyn-streets served as the perfect frame for breeze-shooting, brushing on alcoholism, on close family member’s wet deroute; the neon sign had purpose.

The pending album – 421 Wythe Avenue – has, with the latter stay in Brooklyn, left the duo with a more electronically distorted sound.

αυτος ο δισκος βρισκεται στο desktop του πισι απο τοτε που τους ανακαλυψα

δεν νομιζω να πολυακουστηκε σε διαφορα μπλοκ και ραδιοφωνο

οποτε ειναι ευκαιρια να τους ακουσεις και να τους διαδωσεις

ειναι ενας δισκος ηρεμιας στο ταραγμενο εργασιακο περιβαλλον

δισκος που πατας το πλευ, οταν σε παιρνει τηλεφωνο για να διαμαρτυρηθει για τις υψηλες χρεωσεις του τιμολογιου παροχης υπηρεσιων ο κος χ απ τα σεκλανα

δε γαμεις

ακου αυτο

Alcoholic Faith Mission 「Nut in your eye」

~ από kapetank στο 15/12/2009.


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