ΤΟΜΑ-As We Fall Into Static Our Hearts Sing

επεσε στα χερια μου στις αρχες του 09 και απο τοτε δεν το αποχωριστηκα ποτε

το αλμπουμ ακουγεται ολοκληρο(ποσα τετοια ξερεις φετος?) και μολις τελειωνει ασυναισθητα πατας ξανα το play




μελαγχολικο αλλα  ταυτοχρονα αισιοδοξο..

I'm Toma.
I write music because I have to.
If I don't then I am 93% sure that I will EXPLODE.

I write and record all my music in my bedroom, and give it away for FREE to you good people.

If you like what you hear then please feel free to support this project by buying a beautifully remastered version of 'As we fall in to static our hearts sing' on CD

The album As We Fall Into Static Our Hearts Sing is a harmonious album with a wonderful atmosphere. The listener drowns into his thoughts and is able to forget everything that revolves around him for a 40 minutes.

The song Fallback Lighthorsemen is outrageous.
It sums up all the feelings and is really deep.
Sometimes he even reminded me of Yndi Halda.
The only thing that has to be upgraded a bit is the sound quality and the variety of the tracks in the album. But I am glad to talk about a very awesome album with a very unique style!

τι ψηφισα για  φετος απο το 20 εως το 1

20  Avner – Lyssna

19 Soap n Skin-Lovetune for Vacuum

18 white lies/To Lose My Life

17 the temper trap/Conditions

16 the Antlers/Hospice

15 Fanfarlo/ Reservoir

14 Sebastian Schuller/Evenfall

13 moderat/moderat

12 The Big Pink/A Brief History of Love

11   silversun pickups/Swoon

10 Sonic Youth/The eternal

9  Florence & the Machine – Lungs

8  The Twilight Sad/forget the night ahead

7 The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

6 Alcoholic Faith Mission/421 Wythe Avenue

5 the Horrors/Primary Colours

4 A Place to Bury Strangers./Exploding Head

3  We Were Promised Jetpacks-These Four Walls

2   the XX/XX

1 Toma/ As We Fall Into Static Our Hearts Sing

~ από kapetank στο 20/12/2009.


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