Alex Dimou – Quiet Riot

Alex Dimou is a Greek producer born in 1988 and raised in Lamia, a small city in central Greece. If there’s one word that can describe Alex Dimou, that one would be without a doubt: Talent. Alex’s carreer into production started a couple of years ago in Athens, Greece,when he was only 18 years old (2007). But don’t let this fact trick you. Opposite to most people would think when reading a producer has been just two years in the scene, Alex has been improving incredibly fast since his first tracks . It was back in 2007 when Alex made his first track called “Mini-Man” in a deep, dark techno style that was just too good to stay unreleased in a noob’s computer. That was the begining and Mini-man won great success,as it has been supported by many famous djs like SASHA, NICK WARREN, DAVE SEAMAN, MARK KNIGHT, STEVE LAWLER, MARCO V, TGER STRIPES,FERGIE, BENNY BENASSI, EELKE KLEIJN, MAURIZIO GUBELLINI, MARIO OCHOA, CHRISTIAN CAMBAS, MASHTRONIC,TONE DEPTH, and NIKOS DIAMANTOPOULOS to name but a few! If that’s not enough, on February of 2008 the remixes of Mini Man came out charting 7 remixes out of 9 in the release. All of them reached high positions in Beatport’s genre charts. Not bad for a first track Since now,Alex had signed many contracts with labels as Devilock records,Elite records,Nuhar records, Suite Music records, Atlant digital records and Spectra records.

Alex Dimou – Quiet Riot


~ από kapetank στο 31/12/2009.

2 Σχόλια to “Alex Dimou – Quiet Riot”

  1. Πού είναι η tracklist από τον off? Tόσο πολύ σας κατέστρεψε εκείνο το demi-sec? 😛

    Καλή χρονιά!

  2. καλη χρονια σε ολους fat ninja
    η τρακ λιστ η θα ανεβει μαζιμε την εκπομπη σε ενα ποντκαστ
    ….αν την εγραφε ο κομνηνος
    αν οχι θα πρεπει να συγκεντρωθω κ να θυμηθω το tracklist


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