The Irrepressibles – ‘In This Shirt’

On 11th January 2010 the «flamboyant«, «fantastical» & «unfathomable» Irrepressibles are set to release their stunning debut album «Mirror Mirror» on Major Record Label through V2 /Cooperative.

Led by composer and artist Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles are a 10-piece «performance orchestra» that, through the power of their instruments, can transport and transfix, break moulds and collide worlds.

Fusing European orchestration with pop melodies and soaring cathartic vocals, «Mirror Mirror» is a theatrical, playful, and emotionally passionate album. From the dramatic opener «My Friend Jo» to the galloping rhythms of «Anvil«; from the yearning echoes of «Forget The Past» through to the intensely intimate «In This Shirt«, «Mirror Mirror» is a beautifully constructed sonic exploration depicting Jamie McDermott‘s confessional stories of love, anger, lust and loss with a journey through The Irrepressibles’ mystical and theatrical world.

The Irrepressibles’ – ‘In This Shirt’

~ από kapetank στο 13/01/2010.

4 Σχόλια to “The Irrepressibles – ‘In This Shirt’”

  1. Απίστευτο το τραγούδι που έβαλες??!! έπαθα ταβανόπλακα λέμε! το πληκτρολόγιο παίρνει φωτιά….

  2. Επιτελους απολυθηκες ρε?
    αντε ωραια ξανα στην ζωη
    αφου σου αρεσε στο αφιερωνω ρε
    πρεπει να τα πιουμε
    απο κοντα

  3. Κομματάααααααααααααααααα-α-α-α-α-α*α*α*α*α*α+++++++ααααααα.ΡΑ!!!!!


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