Ada – Lovestoned (Gui Boratto Remix)/block 33 thesaloniki

Melodic techno/electro-pop producer Ada (Michaela Dippel) made her debut as a vocalist on Metope’s «Livedriver.» A few months after that 2002 release, she put out her first production 12″ for Cologne’s Areal label (the same label responsible for «Livedriver») and went on to release her second and third singles, along with the occasional track for compilations and split-artist singles.
Appearances on mix albums from Triple R, Tyrant, and Erlend Øye also raised her profile, all of which led up to Blondie — her first full-length, released in late 2004.

The covers of Everything But the Girl and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that appeared on the album helped her gain recognition outside of the expected dance circles.

For the next few years, she released the occasional 12″ and remix, some of which were compiled and mixed for Adaptations: Mixtape #1, released by Kompakt in 2009

Παρασκευή 22 Ιανουαρίου η Ada   στην Θεσσαλονίκη, στα decks του Block 33.

Μία από τις πιο αντιπροσωπευτικές producer, remixer και dj της melodic techno/minimal house και ένας από τους βασικότερους συντελεστές της μουσικής αισθητικής του πιο cult dance label του πλανήτη, της Kompakt Records.

Artist: Ada
Title: Lovestoned (Gui Boratto Remix)
Label: Kompakt
Release Date: January 4, 2010
Genre: Deep Tech

«The flipside is taken care of Gui Boratto who is never far away when techno meets pop in such a sensitive way. His remix makes all great things from the original a bit greater and its pushing the romance factor to the max.
Great job, comme d habitude

Ada – Lovestoned (Gui Boratto


~ από kapetank στο 22/01/2010.


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