Efterklang/modern drift


we re Efterklang fron Denmark

we can announce the release date, tracklist, artwork and title of our new album! We are also happy to tell you that you can download the opening song for free right now!

February 22nd 2010 we will release our third full length album and we are exited! We’re calling this new baby for Magic Chairs and we are curious to find out how you will like it as it definitely introduces a new Efterklang sound.

We have been working on the album since January 2009 and we have played and tested several of the new songs on the road throughout the year on our different tours. We recorded the album in Feedback Recording studio in Århus and in Black Tornado, STC Studio and our own studio (all three) in Copenhagen. The record is mixed by our new friend Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & Grizzly Bear) and I think we dare to say that we are very proud of it!

Magic Chairs is our first album on our new home 4AD


~ από kapetank στο 28/01/2010.


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