Exsonvaldes – Lali

In March 2009, we released our second album, «Near The Edge Of Something Beautiful». To promote this record, we had the idea to go and play straight into people’s homes. We thought we would only play a couple of these shows, but we ended up playing more than 20 all over France, and we had the greatest time! So when the folks at Volvox Music suggested that we should make a record out of these songs, it made us all really happy that we would be able to keep track of what we had done. We spoke about it with Alex Firla who said that Le Studio de la Frette was the best place to do it, and that we had to record live to keep the energy. So we went there for 3 days with the whole family: Alex recorded and mixed, Raphael assisted him, Emma sung on «Folk Song» and «Lali», everybody handclaped on «Old & Weak», Nael filmed, Aurélie took pictures, Patrick was there also for all sorts of reasons. We ended up making our liveliest record ever. It was supposed to be a 5 songs EP, but we decided to keep the 11 songs of the recording session. That way you know the whole story. We hope you will like it. Keep buying our records, downloading our tracks, coming to our shows, or whatever you feel like doing to support us.



Exsonvaldes – Lali

~ από kapetank στο 28/01/2010.

2 Σχόλια to “Exsonvaldes – Lali”

  1. yperoxo kapten!!
    moy eixan leipsei oi protaseis soy

  2. thanxs pivot
    pies mia raki k gia mas filos


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