Malory/Pearl Diver

Malory were formed in 1995, somewhere near Dresden, by three school friends
strongly influenced by the shoegazing scene of its time, and the great bands that
made up that scene (Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Pale Saints, to name
just a few). Therefore it was only logical that spacey ambient and noisy sounds
came out of their rehearsal room. The intense wall-of-sound is mainly generated
by layers of experimental guitar sounds in combination with the melodic and
harmonic dual female/male vocals.

10 years after their debut album “Not Here – Not Now” was
released – an album still highly valued in the shoegaze
scene – Malory are back once again! November 2009 will
see the release of their 4th Album “Pearl Diver”.
The phrase “the prophet in his own country, has nothing”
seems to apply quite aptly to Malory, who have seen an
ever increasing appreciation and love for their unique sound
expand on a larger scale abroad than the dedicated fanbase
in their home country of Germany.
No surprise then that they released two albums in the US,
one single in the UK plus many appearances on international
compilations, such as the in 2007 released compilation The
Secret Garden Vol.1 on Geoff Barrow’s (Portishead) label
Invada Records in Bristol.

….credits to sakis for malory….



~ από kapetank στο 01/02/2010.

4 Σχόλια to “Malory/Pearl Diver”

  1. Πανως likes Malory, αν και πρώτη φορά τους ακούει.
    Μαλορι, απ’ το Μάλορι Νοξ; Κι ο Μίκι; Τι απέγινε;

  2. malory re mniaaaaaaaa

  3. εκπληκτικη μπαντα!!!!!!!

  4. dream pop
    οτι φερνει σε μ83ς
    κατευθειαν στα αγαπημενα μου


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