Hot Sprawl – Man/Miracle

Man/Miracle are a four piece band (Ian, Dylan, Brian and Tyler) from Oakland, California (originally formed at UC Santa Cruz). Their name, Man/Miracle, is a reference to a 1960’s film starring Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel, who reached superstar level in Paris and Belgium as a musician, actor and director. While Man/Miracle have a way to go before they reach superstar level, they are definitely a band to watch. Based on the tracks I’ve heard, I’d bet they have at least a couple great albums in them. They have been hard at work on material for a potential full length that they recorded with Eli Crews of New, Improved Recording in Oakland.

Hot Sprawl – Man/Miracle

hot sprawl by man/miracle mpfree


~ από kapetank στο 16/02/2010.

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  1. Wow!… (this means more than 1000 words could say).


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