sirkar ragnar – port now!

και τωρα ενα γαματο γκρουπ απο το oslo

..και το ωραιο ειναι οτι με βρηκαν αυτοι πρωτοι..

ετσι ..

I have the honor  and rensponsibility …to spread(κακη λεξη) their music

sirkar ragnar – port now!

Somber beats meets cheerfull melodies, recorders sparkles from the dark, catchy singalong chorus’ appear in distinctly «non-voice» electronic segments…

With Sirka Ragnar, more or less anything can happen. We like to describe our music as «two spoonfulls of dirty low-fi, a hint of good old indie and a touch of tweaked electronica», and if bands like Go! Team, Why? or Four Tet gives you butterflies; Sirka Ragnar ought to do the trick for you. Our debut EP «I am, you are, he/she/it is» – which consists of five tracks, one sound – has without exception received good reviews. Read for example, or Sirka ragnar is currently working on the debut album, which is supposed to be crammed with surprises…

~ από kapetank στο 18/02/2010.


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