Ripperton – Farra

Ripperton was born in the 70’s, one of the most exciting times in music, which would explain his
passion for soul music, his 12 inch vinyl collection which knows no bounds and his nickname,
(think of one of the best female soul singers of that time).
Growing up as a teenager to the rhythms of Tony Humphries, Djaimin and Kid Bachelor, working
in the well-known Lausanne record shop, Tracks, and generally drowning in all that was vinyl,
Raphaël started DJing in the early 90s.
Soon after, thanks to MPC3000 and good analogue synths, he began producing. His first releases
came under the names of Soul Merge and Reasons, the latter won the Diesel U Music awards in
2003 and then led to the setting up of his first label, Lovearth Records

His long-awaited LP is due out in early 2010. Called «Niwa», this modern piece of music mixes
different kinds of sounds from varied horizons and will be released on the Dutch ‘Green’ label
owned by friends Joris Voorn & Edwin Oosterwal
Touring around the world the last decade, Ripperton spins the melodic and lush end of House,
Minimal & Techno.
Definitively one of the most creative Swiss DJs of today, Ripperton is a perfect electronic music

Ripperton – Farra

~ από kapetank στο 24/02/2010.


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