The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – P I M P

the original artist is The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band.

«Mocambo is proud to offer another 45 from the vaults of this obscure band from Trinidad & Tobago.
This moody downtempo tune shows the influence of Latin styles and Jamaican reggae in early 1970’s Trinidadian music culture. The theme is said to be derived from Venzuela and was adapted by rapper 50 Cent for his massive smash «P.I.M.P.». Our chief engineer Steven «Def Stef» Tantrum did a wonderful job in restauring the old 8-track tape and mixing the track.
While the A-Side spotlights the pan section and a featured trumpet, the B-side underlines the impact of Jamaican dub on Trinidadian Steel Bands with the spaced-out melodica solo in the style of the great Augustus Pablo.
Each one is hand-stamped on the flip side!!!»

The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

– P I M P


~ από kapetank στο 02/03/2010.


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