Brian Eno’s The Big Ship

…πριν 35 χρονια….

Another Green World is the third studio album by British musician Brian Eno. Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, it was originally released by Island Records in September 1975. As he had done with previous solo albums, Eno worked with several guest musicians including Phil Collins, John Cale and Robert Fripp. The album marked a great musical change from Eno’s previous albums. Using his instruction cards the Oblique Strategies for guidance, the album contained fewer lyric-based rock songs and had stronger emphasis on instrumental productions; many without the aid of guest musicians. The dark humor of the lyrics also changed to more dreamlike and addled songs.

The album failed to chart in the United States or the United Kingdom. Another Green World met with both high praise from several critics, but also with negative reviews that felt the album was too great of a departure from Eno’s previous more rock-based material. Modern reception of Another Green World is unanimously positive; several critics and publications often place the album on lists of the top albums of all-time.

…μαλακα πριν 35 χρονια….

Brian Eno’s The Big Ship


~ από kapetank στο 19/03/2010.

5 Σχόλια to “Brian Eno’s The Big Ship”

  1. καπτεν αυτο ειναι οσο και εγω!!!!φρεσκοτατοι και οι δυο μας!
    ποσα χρονια μπροστα ηταν ο τυπος???
    ολα τα λεφτα ειναι το αμαξακι στον δισκο…
    σ ευχαριστω και σε καληνυχτω

  2. kapten to thelw,

  3. μερικες φορες το να κοιτας πισω ειναι ευεργετικο ρε μσν
    ..θα στο στειλω…

  4. πολύ μπροστά για την εποχή του.
    και το κλιπάκι είναι 35 χρονών??

  5. ba to video den nomizo na einai apo tote
    prepei na einai doyleia kapoioy fan
    gia tin moysikh..
    …post rock prin 35 xronia


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