Efterklang – I Was Playing Drums (4AD Sessions)

Copenhagen outfit Efterklang explored a new realm with the release of Magic Chairs, the quartet’s third album and first for 4AD. Eschewing the familiar territory of Tripper (2004) and Parades (2007) for something more deconstructed and melodious, Efterklang have delivered their most accessible album to date.

With an extensive European tour planned for April and May (UK and Irish dates below; a full list can be found here), Efterklang will release Magic Chairs highlight ‘I Was Playing Drums’ to coincide as a digital single and limited 7″ on April 19th.

The Hvass&Hannibal-designed single will be backed with new track ‘Me Me Me The Brick House’. Both songs feature on the 4AD Sessions, a special live performance filmed at the beautiful VEGA in Copenhagen. Filmed earlier this year, the footage sees the quartet in their expanded seven-piece live mode alongside Frederik Teige and siblings Peter and Heather Broderick performing ‘I Was Playing Drums’, ‘Alike’, ‘Me Me Me The Brick House’ and ‘Modern Drift’.

Efterklang – I Was Playing Drums

(4AD Sessions)

The 4AD Sessions are an ongoing series of video recordings with various acts from the label’s roster. Following on from the Deerhunter session at the Studio Plateaux on Platts Eyott island in 2008, the recordings will see 4AD artists performing back-catalogue covers and alternative versions of their own material.

4ad efkerklang session

Efterklang 9 /5/2010  στην Αθηνα live στο Rodeo


~ από kapetank στο 31/03/2010.

3 Σχόλια to “Efterklang – I Was Playing Drums (4AD Sessions)”

  1. αμπέ αμπέ! ωραία πράματα.

  2. Χμμμ, ετούτα ομοιάζουν πολύ με τα εξώφυλλα των δύο τελευταίων κυκλοφοριών των Κλογκζ. Κοινός δάχτυλος μου μυρίζει (ελπίζω να μην είναι ο μεσαίος, χοχο, συγχωρέστε μου τη βλακεία, είναι απ’ τη βαρυστομαχιά)

  3. panokato katevikes pros ta kato…
    you lucky bastard


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