Doves – Andalucia

To celebrate twelve years since Doves formed and to chronicle a career to inspire envy, with two Mercury nominated albums and worldwide sales of over 2 million, the band release their definitive collection, ‘The Places Between: The Best of Doves’. To coincide with this release a new single, ‘Andalucía’ will be released on 5th April

‘Andalucía’ was recorded in the barn in Cheshire where last year’s critically heralded ‘Kingdom of Rust’ was recorded. Much of Doves body of work is an ode to the north but this song appears to tell of warmer pastures. The song surges towards its rousing final chorus with orchestration colliding with a tender vocal from Jimi Goodwin. ‘Andalucía’ stands alongside Doves finest work and will no doubt seamlessly sits amongst classics such as ‘Black And White Town’, ‘Kingdom Of Rust’ and ‘There Goes The Fear’

Doves – Andalucia


~ από kapetank στο 01/04/2010.


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