Walls – Soft Cover People

WALLS are a band from London made up of members Sam Willis (of ALLEZ-ALLEZ) and Alessio Natalizia (of BANJO OR FREAKOUT)

Kompakt continue to embrace fusion of the rock / dance divide paved on the label by the likes of THE FIELD with one of the most exciting new bands to emerge in the past year – WALLS.

A true autumn anthem of depth and scope that NME were fast (and right) to call «what ‘Kid A’ would sound like if it was released by Kompakt and had softened its edges

WALLS has a lack of concern for the boundaries of genre distinction, but easily fit uniquely between the classic «sound of Kompakt» and the bliss of Pop Ambient.

Walls – Soft Cover People


~ από kapetank στο 07/05/2010.

Ένα Σχόλιο to “Walls – Soft Cover People”

  1. εμένα γιατί ΜΕ θύμισαν και λίγο από Orbital? ωραίος ήχος πάντως.


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