S-Cause-More Talentless You Die

The largely American movement that Keenan has tagged “hypnagogic pop” instead tries to convey the half-remembered, dream-like associations of early childhood in the ’80s – the term “hypnagogic” refers to the state between sleep and waking, as described in the article’s reference to “the moment just before you go to sleep as a child, while somewhere in the distance the sounds of pop and disco come muffled through the wall and infiltrate your subconscious

This spring hypnagogic pop …. blooms in the valley  of  Thessaly

you must listen the S-cause…

….bands tunes gave me the opportunity to remember

vassilis karapialis dribbling skills

sounds like

….hypnagogic-chamber-psychedelic -impro pop…

check here

S-Cause-More Talentless You Die

download here



~ από kapetank στο 12/05/2010.


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