Ian Curtis 30 years of silence /May 18th 1980

Ian Kevin Curtis was born in Manchester on the 15th July 1956,

In January 1979 Ian was diagnosed as epileptic. Although his fits varied in frequency and intensity, epilepsy was an ever-present concern from then on. Not only did Ian have to take regular medication, which seemed to make his mood swings more extreme, but fits could be brought on by strobe lighting in some of the clubs. His frenetic stage style mirrored the epileptic fits he suffered. Ian’s experience of epilepsy in himself and others inspired him to write She’s Lost Control. Ian was also a heavy smoker, possibly another sign of the stress he was under.

On May 18th 1980 Ian Curtis killed himself at his home in Macclesfield (see below for more details). His suicide came as a great shock to those who knew him. With the benefit of hindsight, many apparent clues to his frame of mind can be found, but no-one really knows what drove Ian to take his own life.

επηρεασε, οσο λιγες μπαντες , την εφηβεια μου

συνεχιζει να επηρεαζει μπαντες που ξεπεταγονται καθε λιγο σε αμερικη και ευρωπη…

με κανει ακομα να ανατριχιαζω

Joy Division – Atmosphere

και καθε χρονο προσπαθω να θυμαμαι…

~ από kapetank στο 18/05/2010.

4 Σχόλια to “Ian Curtis 30 years of silence /May 18th 1980”

  1. ακομα δεν ησυχασε ο κροτος απο τοτε…

  2. και ουτε προκειται nefelor

  3. απλά τεράστιος, όσο ελάχιστοι…

  4. ton efage o iggy!!
    h phoni toy,isws o kalyteros moy filos!

    ian kerti,apla s eyxaristoyme


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