Phantogram – Running from the Cops

Phantogram is an American electronic rock duo from Saratoga Springs,[1] consisting of guitarist Josh Carter and keyboardist Sarah Barthel.

Eyelid Movies is the debut album by the electronic duo Phantogram.

The album was generally well-received, retaining a rating of 76 – meaning generally favorable reviews – on the review aggregating site Metacritic. Absolute Punk gave a favorable review, stating «Phantogram have put forth a collection of heady and stimulating songs primed for in-the-dark listening.» However, another review from the Prefix Magazine gave it a 5.5/10, recognizing that the two have potential for making good music, but inversely saying that the debut was «a stumble out of the gate».

Phantogram – Running from the Cops


~ από kapetank στο 25/05/2010.


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