The Drums – Forever & Ever Amen

The Drums are an American band from Brooklyn, New York,[1] with members stemming from the shortlived band Elkland (formerly Goat Explosion)

The Drums is the first studio album and will be released June 7, 2010 on Island Records. The album is set to contain the songs «Let’s Go Surfing» and «Down by the Water» which were previously released as part of the «Summertime!» E.P.

In February 2010, The Drums played venues around the UK on the 2010 NME Awards Tour alongside The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Big Pink. It was announced on 29 January that The Drums will be supporting Florence and The Machine throughout May 2010 on her upcoming Cosmic Love Tour.[5] They will also be supporting Kings of Leon at Hyde Park, London alongside other support acts The Features, The Black Keys and The Whigs.

The Drums – Forever & Ever Amen

~ από kapetank στο 31/05/2010.


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