Electric Litany formed in the spring of 2007. Rehearsing in abandoned buildings and performing intimate gigs in derelict buildings across London. In this short space of time the four-piece have built a reputation for
their intense, haunting and unpredictable song-writing and live shows.

The members themselves are anything but conventional. Vocalist and Guitarist-pianist Alexandros Miaris, Bassist Duane Petrovich descends from Texas, British drummer Richard Simic comes from a farming village in sleepy Devon and Keys by Benjamin Prince from the North of England.

Angelic vocals, creeping guitar delays, robotic rhythms and distorted synths give life to Electric Litany’s nostalgic and engaging lo-fi alternative sound. With current single Tear getting playlisted on radio stations around Europe the band is quickly making a name for itself within the industry and gig circuit.
Existing in a different universe to the current British music scene, Electric Litany has already made a connection with an audience in a search for pure, exciting, original and integral music.




~ από kapetank στο 07/06/2010.


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