Stars – Fixed

Stars’ fifth album The Five Ghosts, their first since 2007’s In Our Bedroom After The War, is out the end of June on their new Soft Revolution imprint. (DIY.) All five band members wrote and recorded the collection in Montreal (and Broken Social Scenester/Apostle Of Hustler Andrew Whiteman, who also has his own things going on, makes a guest appearance). At the start of June all five members are also heading out on a pre-release tour where they plan to play Ghosts from start to finish. (If you hate new things, no worries: Proactive fans can vote for what songs show-up during the encore via As far as the new ones goes, you’ll at least be acquainted with the synth-lined, Amy Millan-intoned feel-good first single “Fixed.”@stereogum

Stars – Fixed


~ από kapetank στο 15/06/2010.


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