Dirtmusic – Black Gravity


ο Κρις Εκµαν (από τους Walkabouts – βόρεια δυτική ακτή),

ο Ούγκο Ρέις (  αυστραλέζικο ροκ)

και o Κρις Μπρόκαου (Sonic Υouth,   αµερικανική ανατολικής ακτή)

Dirtmusic – ‘BKO’ (album out 19 April 2010 on Glitterhouse Records)

σουπερ γκρουπ ,ωραιος  δισκος 19 ευρω μαζι με ενα dvd με 3 τραγουδια

οτι πρεπει για διακοπες,αν παμε φυσικα…

In the new year of 2007, three renowned musicians – each of them with a long history in the alternative scene of rock music – decided to form a new band together. Their vision of this band was to strip back their music to the bare essentials and rediscover the original folk music which was the source of their inspiration.

Using acoustic instruments – guitars, dobro, banjo, harmonium, melodica, foot percussion and harmony vocals – Dirtmusic made a European tour to develop their sound and material at the end of which they recorded their debut album in the Sono studio in Prague for the German independent label Glitterhouse Records. This self-titled album (“Dirtmusic”) was released Europe-wide in November 2007.

The Dirtmusic sound evokes the landscapes of the artists’ origins: the pacific north-west USA (Chris Eckman), southern Australia (Hugo Race) and the atlantic north-east USA (Chris Brokaw). All three are or have been expatriates and have travelled widely around the world with their various music projects. Drawing on the folk music traditions of these ex-frontier societies, Dirtmusic tell stories of individuals searching for orientation in the urban wilderness of a ‘new’ world. Melodies are drawn from blues and folk, but refashioned through the life experience and musical journeys of this international trio.

Dirtmusic – Black Gravity

DIRTMUSIC – All Tomorrow’s Parties

~ από kapetank στο 16/06/2010.


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